Allen doesn't get shot.
"Did Allen get shot?"
by IDontGetShot March 1, 2018
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The one best friend that’s very funny and likes to muck around. He can be serious whenever he needs to be and he’s a total train. Typically, an Allen is very lovable and is always there to make you smile and have a good time.
Person 1: I love her.
Person 2: Too bad you’re not an Allen!
by aneurysmcaz August 28, 2018
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Probably the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. The most amazing person in the world. Also one of the strongest people you’ll ever meet. Allen tends to keep to himself but when he opens up he’s the most outgoing guy you can meet. Don’t miss out on an Allen, they are very rare.
Get you an Allen.
by Allenj1584 January 8, 2019
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Probably the sweetest guy you will ever talk to. He likes to take relationships slow. Once he finds the right girl everyone knows it. He won't ever talk about a girl like he does the one. He's loyal and will always put a smile on your face. He's not afraid to show everyone who his girl is. He's perfect in every way. You won't want to miss you on a chance with an Allen. If you loose the chance with him it won't be easy to find one like him again. So make everything with him count. He'll love you unconditionally until the end.
by ASDFGHJKLndimwhskd November 23, 2012
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An Allen is the most sexiest human being ever, one of the most caring and outgoing person you may meet in life. Allen is very determined and a confident person. I relationships he tends to take his time to fall in love. Once you have him there's no loosing him. He is easy to love even when he is in the bedroom. When it comes to being with a Allen he is great in the bed. He will put your pleasure before his pleasure and make sure you have the time of your life. Meeting an Allen will turn you into a crazy freak. He is the person that you want to stick around in life as he values loyalty and respect and will hustle to become better in life. Don't miss out on an Allen.
Allen's Boo: *says nothing*

Allen: Come sit on my face


Allen: Im going to eat you up later
by famousdogs2494 May 12, 2020
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The most adorable little man in the world whose laughter is better than any antidepressant ever manufactured. He’s natively a very sweet and caring person who undervalues himself and allows the people he loves run all over him. Perhaps the most special person ever to walk the Earth, he can always be found smiling and being outwardly optimistic. To hug him is to feel warm and safe.
“I haven’t heard Allen laugh today. I think I think I need Prozac.”
“I just talked to Allen, now I feel like I can sleep soundly knowing that he’s okay.”
by D1whoknosu September 20, 2010
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