When you rail a fat chick, the ripple that goes through her fat, starting at your entry point, and continuing away.
I was tagging this shamu, and everytime my crotch hit hers, I could see the ripple effect take her fat up to her neck.
by Saphiyago October 8, 2006
the ass shakes an than hits you an knocks you off an your like damn you think you a bad mothafucka an you go back an try an tap it but the ass ripples an knocks you off again?
Damn nig! I was hittin' that ass an it had the perfect ripple effect, I watched it erry time!
by sXekid December 16, 2010
is caused by a bunch of kleptomaniacs
in a store, ripping off the same item.
Store owners get nervous as it puts
their customers under duress.
'xcuse me, can´t find the condoms.
what aisle please?"
"Sorry maam, we're out of them. We had
a problem yesterday...you know, hmm the ripple effect.
by Mayuura November 9, 2007
When a fat girl wears tight clothes and you can see all the ripples of fat.
dude 1: "Yo check out her, i think that shirts too tight"

dude 2: "yea man she got the ripple effect goin"
by ghettoindian August 10, 2013
When dating a relatively attractive broad for a period of three to eight months, then amicably break up with her. While you were in the relationship, you befriended her hot friends making them available to you once you were back in the market. Since you broke up with your girlfriend nicely she is also available to you in the future if you desire to do so.

This is called the ripple effect because like when casting a pebble into a pond causing one action to lead to many, one action (i.e. your original relationship) leads to waves of other broads available to you.
Ryan: Yo man that kid's been going out with that broad for way to damn long now.
Knox: Yea, it's gonna pay off through 'cause it's gonna cause a massive ripple effect when they break up.

...hence, the ripple effect.
by Frank N Stein. December 13, 2008
When entering a relationship with an above average looking female, let the relationship carry on smoothly for approximately 3-6 months, then peacefully and mutually breakup up with each other. Thus making available to you the myriad of her hot friends. Hook up with them because you wheeled them during the relationship.
I've been hooking up with this fine ass broad for about four months now trying to ripple effect her friends. I think I've got about one more month to put in before I can break it off.

Hence, the ripple effect.
by Frank N, Stein November 25, 2008
When hitting a fat chick from behind, the massive tidal wave of fat that is created from the push-in, which eventually comes back and pushes you out.
That bitch was so huge, the ripple effect nearly pushed me all the way out.
by sunday52211 May 22, 2011