Yohan is the most wonderful guy you could ever meet. He is unbelievably handsome! He will always look out for his friends and loved ones. You never want to lose a Yohan because you’ll miss him so much. He is tall and has curly hair. He is a romantic. He can be the best boyfriend. Yohan will always call you and text you to see how your doing. Yohan can seem very shy at first but once you get to know him you will absolutely fall in love with him.He’s not so great at expressing his feelings but if you open up to him he’ll open up to you too. You can always trust him and he’s always there for you. You never want to lose a Yohan.
Amber: I broke up with Yohan

Elizabeth: Why? I really wish I had a Yohan in my life.
by Daisy6789 September 2, 2019
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Amazing and really hot guy. Tall AF . chicks guy and love horror movies
Known to love his girlfriend alot but doesn't get jealous . people feel good presence when they are with him
Girl 1: omg who is that guy!!?
Girl 2: its yohan but he has a girlfriend

Girl 1:damn but he so hot
by Damnnboy May 15, 2019
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Yohan is the best person in the world. He’s wealthy, has a peasant named Tsuki, #royalness and super funny 🤤
This is an example on how to be funny.

Is to…

Be me.. Yohan. 😎
by Wishesooooo June 20, 2021
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rlly hotguy who is smart and funny. you can never get enough of him and you miss him when he is gone
"did you see yohan today?"

"totally, omg, i already miss him."

"yohan was BORN to wear SouthPole."
by gerbilburble April 19, 2009
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Yohan is a character your not going to meet most people like him. He is a supreme being for all you know he know aliens, check your moms phone because she’s in his dms too. All and all yohan is a rad guy.
Omg is that yohan is he floating
by All seeing man September 17, 2021
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Yohan is a 5'9 friend who gets all the women. He is the wealthiest and is usually really good-looking. Yohan is really good at video games and is outstanding at art. He is really sexy and everyone wants to be him, or they want to be his girlfriend. He has the opportunity to take anyone's girl but is loyal to his friends, so he refuses to do so. He always gets his dick wet and enjoys life. He usually is depressed so he focuses more on the outside as he feels empty inside.
Girl: Ugh I want to fuck Yohan so badly. I want to be his girlfriend
Yohan: Begone Thot.
by 347KeithLee November 23, 2021
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One of the nicest people you'll ever meet. He's outgoing, cheerful, and just being with him could lift up your mood. He's also surprisingly tall, a mama's boy, and smart. He likes cats too. He has this certain vibe that could make you feel comfortable with him even if you just met. If ever you find someone like him, don't ever let go of him.
Person 1: I met someone named Yohan last week.

Person 2: Omg, Yohan?! You should totes keep him!
by soapergunthekween February 27, 2022
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