"oye vato lets go play some juan on juan"..."horale"
by felipe February 20, 2005
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When a girl you have made plans to go on a date with bails on you last minute.
Bro, i just got juaned again. She said Her pet got sick
by gsep34 February 16, 2019
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Juan is one of the most kindest people you could ever meet, and a great boyfriend to have. He has a really unique personality, he's really kind when you get to know him. He's incredibly smart, and understanding and you can talk to him about your problems any time. Juan can be a little bit cheesy sometimes but that only makes him better. He's really protective over what's 'his', and gets jealous quite easily. Juan's a real big flirt, a little bit of a perv.

But overall he's a great friend to have around, and an excellent boyfriend/ husband.
I love you Juan - J
by OREO EMPORIUM December 27, 2021
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A horse sitting on a balcony that became a meme. (and tbh I don't understand it)
by amogusamoguseverywhere June 15, 2021
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Juan is a attractive cute boy.His good looks make you go crazy for him.He loves telling you how much he loves you and misses you each day.He will kill a nigga for you.He makes you think that dating him is too good to be true.He takes hours to answer which give you serious trust issues and kills you inside.But you know you can’t breakup with him because you love him dearly or maybe you just like him a lot.
Juan makes me feel butterflies in my stomach or maybe that’s just pain I feel cause I can’t stop thinking about him maybe cheating on me
by BeeBunkBoi July 1, 2018
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This is the sexiest type of nigga you can find anywhere. If you find a juan, and your name is Rosa, send nudes.
I saw juan the other day, so i decided to send him nudes
by Rumpleforsekin December 20, 2016
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