To have caught somebody with a punch, so hard that they couldnt think straight.....
Man, he said somthing about my mama, so I stole off on him, in front of everybody.........
by Delisa October 2, 2003
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To steal someone in the lip; To kick ones butt and steal thier shoes.
Man, that mug got shoe stole.
by FURG March 11, 2005
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when someone flips (with their hand) either under your chin or your bosom. Getting stole means you simply arent paying a lick of attention or you are just some sort of little shit that people like to mess with; Getting Stole will either cause an awkward silence or start a violent war of "stealing" especially if someone gets stole underneath the chin.
James: Hey Eduardo...
(Eduardo turns around)
Eduardo: Whaa?
(Eduardo is immediately stole before he can react)
Eduardo: You have no idea what you have started you insolent fool.
by McSackdrop December 16, 2010
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When a store is out of something because someone has stolen all of it, not bought it.
I went to the store to buy some batteries, but they were stoled out.
by Fin Llama November 22, 2004
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Hyper, Slighty annoyed,and strongly stupid at the same time.
Person 1: I am buying Dohnuts!

Person 2: Cool.

Person 1: But you cant have any.

Person 2: 77 Stoled!!
by Doh Nuts 13 May 15, 2004
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To steal something in stealth "mode." Very quite and quick.
by Nikki6543 September 1, 2008
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The act of something worth of value being stolen.


When great injustice has been upheld.
The money train has been stoled by Astronauts.
by OmNiLaSh May 31, 2004
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