To steal someone in the lip; To kick ones butt and steal thier shoes.
Man, that mug got shoe stole.
by FURG March 11, 2005
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a brilliant and severely under-rated comedic actress. Well known from John Waters films. She popularized the term 'pigfucker'.
Mink Stole is soooooooo fabulous.
by David October 29, 2003
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when someone flips (with their hand) either under your chin or your bosom. Getting stole means you simply arent paying a lick of attention or you are just some sort of little shit that people like to mess with; Getting Stole will either cause an awkward silence or start a violent war of "stealing" especially if someone gets stole underneath the chin.
James: Hey Eduardo...
(Eduardo turns around)
Eduardo: Whaa?
(Eduardo is immediately stole before he can react)
Eduardo: You have no idea what you have started you insolent fool.
by McSackdrop December 16, 2010
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When a store is out of something because someone has stolen all of it, not bought it.
I went to the store to buy some batteries, but they were stoled out.
by Fin Llama November 22, 2004
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Hyper, Slighty annoyed,and strongly stupid at the same time.
Person 1: I am buying Dohnuts!

Person 2: Cool.

Person 1: But you cant have any.

Person 2: 77 Stoled!!
by Doh Nuts 13 May 15, 2004
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A fastidiotic idea dreamed up by well-to-do white women with too much time on their hand to fix the thing they find annoying about their husband or male partner.

Stole Camp was created by women most easily visualized as Wine Mom. Whether initially well-intentioned or not, Stole Camp is, at best, completely without merit, and almost certain to be counterproductive in addressing the issues that supposedly exist.

The logic stream behind Stole Camp matches that of parents in the 1970’s, worried by their son exhibiting gay tendencies, choosing to send their kid to spend more time at church, being mentored by the Priest within the confines of the rectory.
Wife One: My husband is so annoying.

Wife Two: Mine too! In fact, I’m sending him to a two-week intensive Stole Camp in Las Vegas to work on all his issues under the measured guidance of Stolevrusny. I’m confident he will come back all fixed.

Wife One: Wow, that sounds genius.
by Dr. Gibberish January 8, 2023
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The act of something worth of value being stolen.


When great injustice has been upheld.
The money train has been stoled by Astronauts.
by OmNiLaSh May 31, 2004
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