a girl who has sex with multiple men at once or one after another also known as busto or sto not to be confused with a hoe who will let the crew hit but not at the same time the word comes from detroit
john, pat, and tim took turns having sex with a stolely
by jrip November 30, 2006
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the highest level of a hot guy and he has and extremely large cock
that kid is a stolee
by ken November 3, 2004
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Selling to a customer where you are stealing part of the profit.
Selling a widget at an agreed upon price and only reporting part of the profits. "I just stoled 5 units today."
by Rocket Sled Ned December 29, 2010
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Stole-grown is a portmanteau of Stolen and Homegrown, stole-grown is homegrown (amateur porn or nude pics) which has been found and posted on the net but does not belong to the original poster.

Credited to clayizaiken of BGOL
by Duece504 January 13, 2008
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To get hit. To get suckerpunched SO QUICKLY that you can't react to counter or duck.
"Ooh, that boy straight got stole!"
by Reggie June 25, 2004
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To have caught somebody with a punch, so hard that they couldnt think straight.....
Man, he said somthing about my mama, so I stole off on him, in front of everybody.........
by Delisa October 2, 2003
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