e: Dude, i just smoked your last bowl.
c: Whaaaaaaa
by ming July 15, 2004
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Whaa is the abbreviation of What an Asshole. Meaning a disrespectful person or a non-caring person who doesn’t understand and incapable of comprehending.
OMG what a Whaa. She didn’t even respond to his text… when all he did was praise and love her in it. What an ungrateful person when we know they read it.
by Bdfresh1 November 7, 2021
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It means you are whining like a baby:mocking someone as a way to be unsympathetic to that persons issues at work.
Oh, "whaa-whaa", poor baby has to work for a living just like everyone else quit your whining!poor
by oldfogy March 12, 2014
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Meaning of confusion; or being surprised, not knowing what’s going on.
"why did your mother screw your sister ?" "whaa ? what the fuck did you say ?"
by Julio Aguilar February 1, 2004
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An inquiry to another person to see if that person would like to partake in a game of Gears of War online multiplayer. Stated most commonly under the influence of a foregin substance.
Mike: Whaa?

Jeff: Whaa!

Mike: Whaaaaa!

Jeff: Not it, putting the game in

Mike: It's Your Turn!

Jeff: You're an asshole!
by Jeff & Mike March 9, 2007
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Used to describe little children on Call of Duty who grudge kill and little kid rush after being repetitively killed by your player. They often rush the spot they were killed in the hopes of finding your player.
"Oh wow that poop kid just went pissy whaa whaa on me because I killed him 4 times"
by Liljoey16 March 14, 2010
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asking someone politly what did they say without childish swearing.
hard nut 1: i pounded ur mum last night
hard nut 2: You say whaa!!
by Ian Parker November 18, 2004
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