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Eduardo is a sweet but quiet individual. He is very muscular and is a never give up type of person. He is romantic. He may seem serious, but once you get to know you is very funny. He s very athletic and works well with kids. He dresses very nice and pleases most eyes. He is handsome and sexy
Dang! Almost dressed like an Eduardo today!
by Manshepoppin October 04, 2017
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One of the best Mexicans in Mexico. Good soccer player, hard worker, and will do anything for his family. He is very quite, smart, and kind, sometimes a trouble maker. Every girl wants him. He doesn't care about what other people think of him.
Boy 1: Wow that boy is so good at soccer
Boy 2: Yeah he is an Eduardo what do you expect
Boy 1: Damn he got jukes
by Laloloco April 12, 2017
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Eduardo's are strong-willed can be very romantic will keep a girlfriend for a long time Eduardo's are also musically talented and are kind-hearted people. most Eduardo's are pacifists and hate fighting for stupid reasons. Although not the brightest Eduardo's perservere and hardly ever give up
I wish my boyfriend was an Eduardo like yours
by mr hi April 01, 2009
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Eduardo is a great guy . He’ll always be there for you and yes , he may have his flaws where he plays games over you but he still will always keep you in mind and loves you . Eduardo is a great guy in general , he’ll try to help you to the best of his abilities. He’s very loyal when it comes to relationships, he’s a bit shy but that’s what makes him so adorable . His sense of humor is to die for . His clothing style is idgaf , which is comfy . His hair style is always great and brings out his smile . An Eduardo is great .
Girl : Eduardo is such a great guy ..

Eduardo’s Gf : he’s my great guy .
by YourDaddyB July 06, 2018
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Eduardo is a smart nice funny guy get many girls/ladies and keep a girlfriend listens to trap music lit asf doesnt care about people's opions about him loves watching Tv shows playing videosgames likes making art and being creative gets pretty good haircuts he is a loveable person and amazing one
if i brake up with Eduardo i will regret it
by MR.SPME December 21, 2016
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A loving & caring person. He'll make sure you're happy at all times, he'll comfort you also. May seem like a fuckboy, but in reality he's not, he's all you'll ever want. Can be inappropriate sometimes. Tells you what he wants to do to you whenever he sees you (grab the booty lol) . He gives the most amazing kisses and hugs, you always feel protected under his arms.
Eduardo : baby I miss you, I miss your voice, your smile. I wanna see you already
by michelle_perez465 February 05, 2017
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A gentlemen who is tall, sexy, muscular, and has remarkable hazel eyes. Eduardos are also known for being polite and charming to anyone they come into contact with, and it is common that staring into the eyes of an Eduardo will cause instant ejaculation by both sexes.
Dude 1: Hey dude im not even gay or anything but I saw a guy at school today and I jizzed in my pants on the spot, it was so embarassing.
Dude 2: Oh that must've been Eduardo, thats normal, its happened to me like 3 times this week so far.
by Lucifer18 July 13, 2012
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