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A MMORPG that nobody fucking knows exists.
"What the Hell is Endless Ages?"
by David March 23, 2004
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Something you can send mail in. It is correctly pronounced ''en-vuh-lope''. ''onvelope'' is a mispronunciation of the word.

See ''onvelope''.
by David March 7, 2004
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A electronic pimp. Some one who has the ability to have cyber sex with any one.
Dang Josh the E-Pimp had 10 girls have cyber sex with him i
by David January 28, 2005
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breakup tactic which involves defecating on a plate and placing the feces in the freezer for the slut you want to break up with.
"you aren't goin to believe this but that bastard i was dating eskimo pied me...you know pinched a loaf on a plate and stuck it in my freezer...now all my ice tastes like poo."
by David March 3, 2005
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A website following the style and subject matter of a "zine." The "E" is e-zine stands for "electronic," similar to the e in e-mail. "Zine" derives from the word "magazine."
"Have you seen his e-zine? It's friggin awesome."
by David December 15, 2004
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A journalist who races to accidents and fires in order to take pictures and sell more newspapers. Similar to paparazzi.
In an effort to sell more papers, the Tribune has more ambulance chasers than real journalists.
by David October 13, 2003
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