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Dad: Where were you?
Me: Playing ultimate frisbee.
Dad: Who won?
Me: Nobody, we play for the fun of it...
Dad: Weird.
by David June 26, 2004
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1.The great dog.
2.A dog with characteristics similair to the great dog Pooters.
1.Pooters is awesome
2.That dog can be classified as a Pooters
by David November 18, 2004
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a person who is just terrible in all ways of life.
as in when in the movie CKY2K they say "welcome to shitgoose stadium" and the place is just a craphole
by David November 20, 2003
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Meaning "Elite", which on the internet is spelled "31337". This was then shortened to "1337" or "l33t" and pronounced "Leet". A l33t is one who "pwns" (owns) "n00bs" (players who are bad at a particular game) all day long locked away in their dark room, perhaps hacking a mainframe or two. Closely associated with h4x0rz (hackers) that are good at what they do.
I am teh uber l33t h4x0r that will pwn all teh n00bs! w00t!
by David October 11, 2005
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A group of icy objects past Pluto that are too small to be planets.
there are many kuiper belt objects.
by David March 8, 2004
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Yes, it is commonly known as "fucked up beyond all repair" or "all recognition." But I believe it was originally coined in the military, which has a penchant for acronyms, as "fouled up beyond all repair." You don't have to say "fucked." You can just say "fouled."
I can't hit the target because this rifle is FUBAR, Sir!
by David October 15, 2003
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the 14-16 year old dueling midget who owns the sennen puzzle which contains the spirit of a lost pharoah of the 18th dynasty who is an expert gamer and barely ever loses. despite his clothing, yugi is for the most part straight. thrughout the series, he is trying to make himself and anzu more than "just friends"
little yugi is weak, unlike his counterpart, yami yugi
by David September 28, 2003
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