The act of tapping the ball just before it goes over the line even though it was already going in. This mean the goal now goes on the record of the last person to touch the ball. Hence that person just 'goal stole'
Damn that b**** just goal stole off me!! and its the finals too!
by Damn Right xxx October 8, 2011
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When someone takes credit for your idea or doings, they take responsibility even tho they did Not do what you did! Especially before you have a chance to claim your thunder.
That fuckin' bitch stole my thunder! It was my doing & my idea yet she tried to claim it as her own. I hate when people have stole my thunder!
by Starchylde June 18, 2016
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saying something a friend or other person told you they were about to say, and calling it your own
Friend: hey, should i tell him i think he's cute?

you: hey, i think you're cute!

friend: hey! you stole my said!
by jill diiorio January 22, 2007
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Someone has done something to take your power and fame away
“I brought my pig to your house and then you went and stole my clout (tea)”-Ricky Dillion and Jennxpenn ; She stole my clout!That bitch will pay I helped her rise to greatness now this is how this motherfucker repays me?
by *Q U E E N* April 14, 2018
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A man receiving deep throat oral sex from another man who has never performed it previously.
Jesse and Sean are steady partners now ever since Sean totally stole his apple.
by NorthernUrbanite September 2, 2010
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Jasmin has a huge heart and a very straight forward girl who always speaks truth . She exposed people's truth. She's Winning hearts and her qualities of doing tasks won many people's heart.
by Hero Honda February 10, 2021
To ingest LSD (or occasionally other hallucinogens) given to you by another person, usually as a gift but sometimes in exchange for other drugs.

Also, to "steal someone's face" is to give them LSD, which they generally consume on the spot.

see also "steal her face", "stole his face", "steal your face", "steal their faces", etc, etc.
"I shared my last blunt with Sally last night, and she stole my face in return"
by Dango Bill December 6, 2009
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