Baltimore filmaker. God of filth. One of the best filmakers ever with flair for the comical and filthy. The best filmaker of our age.
Let's go see Pink Flamingos, the most famous John Waters movie ever!
by tyler holmes April 11, 2006
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1. Slang term for a pencil moustache.

2. An openly homosexual man that is likeable and entertaining, not an irritating, campy caricature that talks like Hannah Barbera's Snagglepuss.

3. Term given to describe an act witnessed or heard that is so crude, repulsive or taboo that it previously had never even been conceived of nor would you ever have thought it would be manifested. Yet despite the distasteful feelings you have you are still morbidly fascinated by the subject matter.

4. Esoteric term to describe a cast and/or director's commentary that's actually interesting to listen to.
1. The John Waters is a risky moustache, while it can be regarded as debonair it can just as easily exude a sleazy or villainous look.

"That's a fine John Waters you've got there but you're no Errol Flynn."

2. "At first I was a little worried about meeting your friend when you mentioned he was gay but he's a regular John Waters."

3. "I first witnessed a John Waters when I was shown 2 Girls, 1 Cup."

"My sicko boyfriend pulled a real John Waters today."
"What did he do!"
"He was playing with the kitten, dangling a dead mouse above it's head!"
"That's not so shocking."
"Really? What do you do with YOUR sullied tampons?"

4. "I am a big Jimmy Stewart fan but I had stop the Winchester 73 commentary after three minutes. John Waters it aint!"
by TheUrbanSamuelJohnson May 28, 2010
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Best account account in the IGWC ☝️😀. Also used as a code for sex!
Wanna John Cenas Bath Water tonight?
by John Cenas Bath Water November 24, 2021
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