A middle-aged female (usually a mother) who enjoys drinking a refined, complex red or white wine most likely bought from Whole Foods with her other middle-aged female friends while exchanging neighborhood gossip. Common topics during this odd ritual include but are not limited to: annoying children, idiotic husbands, fundraisers for an elementary or middle school, that one neighbor who enjoys starting drama, and other neighbors who choose not to maintain their lawn. Wine mothers also tend to post their gatherings on Facebook.
Brenda: Sharon, would you like to join us this evening? We're drinking your favorite!
Sharon: Of course! You know, Martin won't be home tonight, but the kids will be fine.
Brenda: Oh Sharon, you are such little spit-fire! I admire your courage and spontaneous attitude.
Brenda's emo daughter: Ugh, you guys are such wine moms.
by smigwig February 22, 2018
A Karen, but with Alcohol.

Likes to think her alcoholism makes her funny or quirky, but in truth is a shallow attempt to disguise the fact that they have no personality beyond insipid gossip and booze.
Oh god, another freakin' Wine Mom. She's gonna spill her cheap hooch everywhere talking about how great 50 shades of grey was before passing out in the bathroom like the last ones did.
by Nugget tm May 13, 2020
Women who are in the older crowd(Usually mothers) that sip wine throughout the night, and sometimes post on social media about it. Their posts are abnormally sincere, with comments made by fellow wine moms, relatives, or other parents. The main focus of a wine mom is to stay classy, share intriguing quotes(Usually decorated with graphics dating back in 2004), and to be the embodiment of Linda Belcher. The opposite of a Vodka Aunt.
Wine Moms on Facebook:
"Darling, size does matter... when it comes to your wine glass, LOL."
"Oh Linda, you're such a wild card!!! say hi to Bob and the kids for me!"
by Lazy Doki April 28, 2015
Wine moms are like those fun drunk girls you always meet at parties, except now they're all grown up! They know how to have fun and won't let age get in their way of some drunken moments. They are the definition of extra and they're definitely those ladies at the block party getting drunk off of too much pink wine
"hey ladies, I brought the white Zinfandel to the play date!"

"Tina it's only 11 o'clock! This is too funny, we are so bad. Go wine moms amirite"
by Thequestionis Whoare You March 6, 2015
Wine moms think they know everything about politics and racial issues despite being whiter than mayo
by Atilla Coşar August 20, 2021
wine mom retweeted my tweet yesterday. then she deleted it.
by winedaughter April 19, 2016