There is no justice in America's courtrooms -- only injustice!
by Jon Davis January 14, 2004
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1. n. Doing a girl a favor by going down on her only to realize that she smells like rotten eggs and sweaty armpit.
I went down on Angie and I almost puked. That's injustice.
by MDive May 1, 2005
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Injustice, a lack of justice, such as someone implying one doesn't have the protection of ones Constitution that he or she was born with. Facebook's agenda of acquiring data from its application users is a sick injustice to people's civil freedoms.
Using privacy by way of artificial intelligence to make someone fearful is a gross injustice to American citizens.
by HonestytoBetsy February 8, 2020
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When something is so amazing that it's practically illicit to be in such a state of coolness, you say that something is "of injustice."

This is not related to how people say "of justice" when something is done to ironically conclude a situation - e.g. that girl was outside her mind, so I gave her the backhand of justice!
Damn, did you see that girl? She had the sweater monkeys of injustice!

When I play a solo, it shreds the air like a hot knife through butter, the whole world stops, and it's just me and the Les Paul of injustice!
by Real Folk Blues May 18, 2009
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Right. It's not the whore fucking the retard while everyone on the planet literally helps her get away with it. It's me talking about how the whore looked like she was fucking the retard, the retard insinuated he was fucking the whore, the management alluded to the fact that she was fucking the whore, the schizophrenic claimed that the whore was fucking the retard, and my parents alluding to the fact that they are also aware that the whore was fucking a retard. That's the injustice. That's REAL injustice.
Hym "That's all it is. Nepotism. Your whore daughters doing whatever the fuck they want while I 'fulfill my duty' to enslave myself to the horde regardless of the outcome because that's better for "everyone" (conveniently enough for everyone but me). And anything outside of that is injustice. Freedom is reserved women. Servitude for men. Everything outside of this is an expression of envy and just like that you're an ideologue. No better than a Marxist. You are the EXACT OPPOSITE of your own reputation. And that's why you care so much about it."
by Hym Iam September 8, 2022
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The evil twin of Poetic Justice. The double standard not applied. A rigged game. Instead of the Poetic Justice of a homicide detective being busted for murder its the homicide detective not being charged with murder even though its pretty obvious that he committed the crime. Or a politician who go busted for tax evasion sponsoring a bill to crack down on tax evaders.
The fact that the judge overseeing the castle doctrine trial is the victim's father and hasn't recused himself is pure Poetic Injustice.
by DarthLingus June 15, 2016
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