Quite possibly the dumbest phrase ever. As if there could, in some other scenario, be some unknown third outcome other than the aforementioned two.
Person: "He's going to be accepted into Yale."

Moron: "That may or may not be the case."
by Skelington December 30, 2004
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an unnecessary phrase that precedes a story or a bragging statement.

most often used by people who are trying to sound mysterious/coy/cool, but it simply annoys the person they are talking to.

sometimes followed by "but definitely did" to make the phrase twice as useless.
Nerd: I may or may not have, but definitely did just solve the math problem first.
Normal Person: You're annoying, shut up.

Caitlin: I may or may not have met Miley Cyrus yesterday!
Mike: What do you mean 'may have'? Did you or didn't you?
Caitlin: I did!
Mike: Well you could've just said so.
by Polly Pissed-off-in-Physics November 21, 2011
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When you "may" be able to do something; meaning perhaps or possibly.
Friend: What's good bro, are you coming out to broom ball tonight?

Me: May-May.
by teepqa February 13, 2020
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Clairvoyant voodoo technique used by pygmy dwarves beneath Bhutan to enhance olfactory sensitivity that enables one to discern a person's thoughts through the smell of their sweat.
Girl one: Jesus fucking Christ, it's like she knows what I'm thinking all the time!

Girl two: this is because she has the power of Ji-May-May.
by Bitches and Canes October 16, 2011
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BFF HOLIDAY!!!!!!!! Appreciate your bff these few days cuz this is the BEST TIME to do it
hey its may 26 its bff holiday lets hang out! ( Friday May,22 - Friday May,29 )
by doge_doggos May 19, 2020
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gay.We all know it . Your not kidding anyone. Also dense .very very dense.
“how dense is this person?”

“May-may Jameson dense”
How gay is this person?”
“May-may Jameson gay
by Gaybot6ix9ine February 14, 2022
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