to try to hit on someone of the opposite sex, but usually a man trying to hit on a woman.
Shawn was getting his mac on at the club the other night.

Shawn was trying to mac on this girl at the bar.
by whistle_grrl September 17, 2003
They got their mac on last night
by Alex January 4, 2004
to put macaroni and cheese (most likely easy mac.. because youre poor) into the microwave (because you dont have an stove) and cook it.
I put the mac on and cooked that shit.
by birdman December 3, 2004
a game of surprise involving knocking things out of another person's hands.
Dylan: *walks by with his books*
Trey: *knocks them out of his hands* "mac mac"
Dylan: "Shit" *picks up books again*
(repeat as many times as wanted)

Mariah: *eating a box of Cheez its*
Sara: *knocks them out of her hands* - "mac mac"
Mariah: "Damn it Sara"
by Kizzy-boo February 26, 2011
Wow, that guys a Big Mac

Huh? He’s a mac?
by MacXD January 10, 2018
To be awesome, or to be amazing.
You're quite a MAC after scoring that goal.
by TheGreatestWordsmith February 13, 2020
actually a word that indicates hood power of a gangster(specially afro-american), his command in crack dealing, slut management, he runs an entire industry related to local gangster crimes.
Mac daddy( a gang head), Mac thang (a firm of gangsters)
by tanan April 20, 2008