Someone achieve something (diploma,job etc.) on their own with no help from anyone.
i got my diploma, job and a place of my own, on my own
by Kurdi December 9, 2015
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An Exaggerated way of saying (myself) in an attempt convey sincerity.
Kym says "I only excersize for my own self, not to look hot".
by Fluff n' stuff January 26, 2009
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To 'hold your own' means, simply put, to take the hard parts of life into your own two hands, willingly facing any sticky situations you may come across.
"I'm holding my own, no matter what I put myself through."--J. Hawkins
by thebrick July 5, 2007
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guy says to his bud,"So have you been getting any lately?' bud answeres, "nay I've just been holding my own"
by stkras1 February 3, 2013
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beautiful, sexy, intelligent, feminine, gentle, loving,
A Seductive Goddess.. capable of bringing the strongest of men to their knees
Who do you think you are, my own cliche?
by johnholmes April 2, 2006
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It means doing whatever you feel like doing that interests you. It may be trying many things to figure it out.
I may not have a job but I'm still productive. I'm an independent person. I'm doing my own thing and that's alright.
by calligraphy December 11, 2015
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Spent 20 minutes on Google looking for any blog entry or reddit post that confirmed what one already suspected or wanted to be true
I learned that vaccines cause autism because I did my own research.
by RealLemon February 18, 2019
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