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The earth's southern most continent, known for its abundantly freezing climate, beneath which Aliens and Predators apparently battle to the death with human beings as the bait.
Antarctica is a lot like the United States of America from a modern metaphorical viewpoint.
by Limbo October 21, 2005
The name of a man you call for on the telephone in part of a prank.
Caller: Hello, is Hans Vankhoff in?
Receiver: Who's Hans Vankhoff?
Caller: Well, do you like hand jobs?
Receiver: Uhh... Well, sure, I guess.
Caller: Then I guess you should come over to my place and let me see those Hans Vankhoff!
by Limbo December 16, 2005
When someone's real life drama is so depressing, corny, or overreacting, that you emotionally kill people by telling them about it.
1. "Enough about your dog, your sister, your cat and your cousin all dying in the same weekend! You're getting too dramacidal for me."

2. Soap Opera Man: I love you Deborah, but I can't help but feel like you would be safer with someone else.
Soap Opera Woman: Oh Tom, just shut up and kiss me!
Me: Wow, real dramacidal. *rolls eyes*

3. Tina: Megan is looking all over for her shoes but she can't find them. She got so upset she spray painted "WHO THE FUCK TOOK MY SHOES OMG!?" in the hall!
Michelle: LoL! What a dramacidal biatch.
by Limbo October 18, 2005
To take a short recess from other (i.e. military) business in order to use the head, or toilet.
We'll split to have a head break in about five minutes.
by Limbo February 25, 2006
An age old custom for stoners to smoke marijuana with gusto on Friday because it rhymes slightly with the word fire.
I got the bud, you coming to "fire up Friday" at my house?
by Limbo December 2, 2005
Thought Vacuum

People usually watch TV to escape from the real world or to pass the time. But after watching TV enough and doing little else to keep it busy, the brain will enter a recessive state, usually leading to short term memory, minimal attention span, etc.
That was a good episode of Lost. I wonder what else is on.
That was a good episode of American Idol. I wonder what else is on.
That was a good episode of Family Guy.
*picks up a book*
Huh, none of these words make sense. Oh well.
*picks up the TV remote*
by Limbo March 5, 2006
Role-Play Off-Duty.

1) When you are AFK in a heavily role-playing oriented Massively Multiplayer Online Game.
2) When you don't feel like role-playing at a given time (in any situation).
3) When you say something in a MMORPG (see 1) that is considered controversially "OOC."
Don't bother me about your mage, I'm RPOD.
by Limbo October 19, 2005