Slang for wearing. Also used to describe what athletes wear when they compete.
He is sporting a rare pair of Air Jordans.
by Jon Thomas September 29, 2005
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when you send nudes back and forth to someone on social media (usually snapchat) with no strings attached. the two sporters usually flirt and send pics knowing neither want a relationship. the word gets its name from its competitive nature, as participants usually try to get as many nudes/sexual texts as they can in the shortest amount of time. sporting must be consensual on all ends! if not consented, sporting is sexual harassment. ASK FOR CONSENT TO SPORT.
“matthew just sent me a snap saying “hey baby, i wanna fuck you so bad right now. i wanna see your body. pics?”

“ew, does he like you? he barely knows you!”
“no! were both sporting! its like a temporary flirt sesh
by sporter69696969 May 16, 2021
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A whimsical term to describe a man proudly displaying his erect penis underneath his outer wear
Jason: Hey, look at that fuckface over there with the massive hard-on
Greg: Yeah, he's sporting in the corner like he's Johnny Wadd
by wch-meister July 21, 2016
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A saying used by mostly NBA and NFL fans whenever they see a sport that isn't the NBA or NFL tweeted by SportsCenter or Bleach Report. It's often linked to people who grew up fatherless or people with a mental disability
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the name your dad calls you by that makes you feel like a total loser, which you probably are anyway (synonyms: champ, chief, etc.)
"Hey sport, whaddya say your old man teaches you to throw the ol' ball around today."
"Dad, I'm an All-American pitcher at U of Texas."
"Oh sorry son, the ol' ticker ain't what it used to be."
"Dad, please, you're embarrassing me in front of my bitch."
by Nick D April 29, 2003
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The sociological phenomena where throwing large amounts of money at anything will cause participants and spectators alike to obsess over the subject in question.
"Think we can turn butter-churning into a sport?"
"I'm a multi-billionaire. I'll see what I can do."
by Crackeford July 27, 2013
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America's state-sponsored religion.
On Sunday we pray sports.
by thenewnumber904 March 23, 2006
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