A player in Old School Runescape that does not have appropriate equipment for their level due to laziness, lack of quest completion, or gold. Common examples include not having a fire cape or barrows gloves despite having a high combat level.
Did you see that champ training slayer in an obby cape and combat bracelet? He didn't even have a slayer helm!

That guy is using a rune chainbody since he hasn't completed Dragon Slayer. What a champ!
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by ratQuesada January 25, 2018
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Short for champion. Used with friends or close colleagues.
Thank you for finishing the report on time. You're a champ.
by Ghobrial August 16, 2006
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a wack person, a loser, someone who lacks coolness, not popular, annoying.
Ayee he champ as shit, your just champ, Hmmmm CHAMP!
by GorgeousDown June 06, 2010
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Short for champion, first place, winner, the best!
Dee: hey, you see Daniel?

jazz: yea, what about him?
Dee: He is the BEST! Always makes me smile :). He's such a champ!
by Delegend January 06, 2015
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1) Someone who can do an activity particularly well, esp. drinking.

2) A term, used sarcastically, to disparage someone's ability.
1) Wow, he just downed a 40 in like 10 seconds. This guy's a champ.

2) Look champ, I don't think that she's buying it. Maybe you should just leave her alone.
by penn123456789 March 03, 2006
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n. anyone who is severly deluded about their ability to do something well or effectively. an annoying twit.
hey champ...she's clearly not interested, so get the fuck out of my chair so I can get back to my beer.
by steven May 20, 2004
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