A player in Old School Runescape that does not have appropriate equipment for their level due to laziness, lack of quest completion, or gold. Common examples include not having a fire cape or barrows gloves despite having a high combat level.
Did you see that champ training slayer in an obby cape and combat bracelet? He didn't even have a slayer helm!

That guy is using a rune chainbody since he hasn't completed Dragon Slayer. What a champ!
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by ratQuesada January 25, 2018
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Short for champion, first place, winner, the best!
Dee: hey, you see Daniel?

jazz: yea, what about him?
Dee: He is the BEST! Always makes me smile :). He's such a champ!
by Delegend January 06, 2015
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a wack person, a loser, someone who lacks coolness, not popular, annoying.
Ayee he champ as shit, your just champ, Hmmmm CHAMP!
by GorgeousDown June 06, 2010
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1) Someone who can do an activity particularly well, esp. drinking.

2) A term, used sarcastically, to disparage someone's ability.
1) Wow, he just downed a 40 in like 10 seconds. This guy's a champ.

2) Look champ, I don't think that she's buying it. Maybe you should just leave her alone.
by penn123456789 March 03, 2006
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(n) To qualify something in a positive qualification.

(v) To do something cool, or worthy of props, such as hooking up with a hot girl.

(adj) something or someone that exemplifies the quality of champs, like a guy who just had a threesome.
This chronic is champs.

I champed her last night.

That's a champs White Castle burger.

Dude, you're a champ.
by Neil November 02, 2004
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