Official statement of the national fuckboy association, this is often sent in conjunction with the winkyface emoticon. The term has seen more use following the advent of Snapchat, a social media service used by thousands of horny teenagers across the globe.
Slutty Laci: Just got out of the shower!
Fuckboy Tom: Send pics ;)
Slutty Laci: Attachment: 2 images
by playboidude March 13, 2016
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When one is changing clothes and another person asks them to "send pics", which means "send nudes".
Girl: Be right back, have to change clothes.
Boy: Send pics.
Girl: Oh, you want nudes?
by FiZIsHere March 19, 2016
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It’s national send pics day on April 11. Ladies if a guy asks for a pic u have to send it and if u don’t then u are fat
by Thegoater April 12, 2019
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A day when guys are supposed to send their ab pictures to any girl if they ask
hey Darrel, send me ab pictures!

No what the heck

But it’s national send ab pics day today

Well in that case...
by chickenlifeboss April 27, 2020
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Celebrated on October 28th, send ass pics day is a national holiday in which the recipient of a screenshot of this post is required to respond with an ass pic as per U.S. Federal Law.
Person 1: *sends screenshot of post*
Person 2: *sends ass pic*
Person 1: I love Send ass pics day.
by United States Supreme Court October 28, 2020
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when someone randomly sends you his/her passport without context and asks for your opinion about it. This is a sign of friendzoning
omg this guy is sending a passport pic, I’m heartbroken, I didn’t expect it this soon!
by sil23456789 January 3, 2021
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June 25 National send Tic pic day. Where you send a pic of your bare titties to whoever sends you this
by Johnson Mitchell July 25, 2020
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