To be eccentric or strange in way that is alluring or entertaining.
The odd child was very whimsical.
by hisokabuttbutt February 28, 2014
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A word over-used by artists, interior decorators, and McKenzie Childs lovers too cowardly to say "fun, crazy, eclectic, amusing, child-like & fantastical".

This term is heavily pushed by the art academia world describe objects or styles that are fun and fanciful in a higher-than-thou way.
Art student: This piece is fun, engaging, and reminds me of playfulness. The circles in the center are very bouncy and vibrant.

Professor: Whimsical, you mean.

Art student: Huh?

Professor: Use "whimsical" or else no one in a gallery will give you a second glance.
by wookiecookies24 August 4, 2012
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A word used to describe a person that has very little muscle, and has an "Underweight" BMI. They are very skinny, walk with a prance because they are so light, and always lose arm wrestling matches. A mix between the words wimpy, skinny, and magical.***Important: They are by no means gay, and usually are not***
"Look at that kid that just got up from the lunch table. He is sooo whimsical. Prolly has 7 inch bicepts."

"True dat!"
by Spence M. June 14, 2007
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Think of the whimsical world of wonderland or adventure world, some would say it’s a strange and funny looking place. That’s exactly what whimsical is, different and unquie fantasies that make you scratch your head and say “huh?!?” Whimsical could be a feel or a description to describe a place, it’s playful and weird. But a truly special idea.
“Have you seen Alice in wonderland, that place is so weird.”

“Well, it’s definitely whimsical. I thought it was kinda beautiful.”
by You’re True Special Admirer February 13, 2019
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The noun form of whimsically.
Becky: Look at that guy over there gazing at the lake!
Gay Tom: I know, he is such a whimsic.
by Emma123 September 24, 2010
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"Wow, omigosh. Look at that peachy girl! She's so....uhmmm...its do you say it? Its kinda shira-ish....its whimsical! Thats it."
by peachypeachpeach February 5, 2010
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A phrase used as utter BS when describing the flow of animation sequences. Usually delivered from the designer to the client.
The book fell off the shelf in "whimsical cadence".
by __AR__ October 19, 2007
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