verb- past tense-
to update your twitter account.
Claudia tweeted from her iphone.
by Myspacestalker July 23, 2009
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When someone pooped them self in their underware with out going to the toilet.
Johnny tweeted him self on the bus.
by Mojo82 July 14, 2009
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"Remember the old days when tweeting meant stabbing a hooker?"
by reibmag October 22, 2019
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Sweet! on Twitter. Used instead of 'Sweet!' whenever talking about something to do with Twitter.
Marty: I just got twibed!
Scott: Tweet! Who's in your twibe?
by ocius1 April 22, 2009
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1. A post on Twitter
2. To post a writing on Twitter
3. A weak chirping sound (such as that of a small bird)
4. To make a weak chirping sound
5. To suck your own cock
1. & 2. Sara - "Lol that fat kid is eating cotton candy on a paddle boat"
Jessica- "OMG!!!! I'm going to go on twitter and tweet a tweet so all my friends can join in on the laughter

3. & 4. Eric - "Do you hear that tweet?"
Brett - "Yeah that bird is tweeting?

5. Luther - "Fuck man I'm mad horny, I can't get any pussy and I broke both my arms so I can't even wack off. Oh how I wish I had the ability to tweet..."
by assmasturrrrrrr January 3, 2010
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Sean: "Hey Kevin, did you know there is no word for sucking your own cock?"

Kevin: "Nah bro, it's called tweeting"
by Da Ass Master December 7, 2009
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