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(v.) To smoke marijuana. Commonly used as slang for "getting high", "smoking up", etc.
by Billy February 10, 2003
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An term used to condescend someone. Equivalent to buddy, pal, boss, ace, slick, champ. (of course slick, ace, and champ are a bit more harsh)
Gas station: "Fill it up with regular, chief"

Pizzeria: "hey chief, I'll take 2 slices of pizza and a small soda"
by Bugsy1 May 12, 2009
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An irritant, someone who puts their own interests before yours, or does anything at all annoying, reasonable or not. In many cases a meaningless insult.

Often used affectionately or as a casual greeting, but can be more derogatory especially in conjunction with strong language like fucking.
Alright, chief.

Why's Sam not here?
Because he's a chief.

That man is a fucking chief.
by bobdylan_mcfc January 07, 2005
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A friend or aquaintance; a word used to acknowledge somones presence
Hey, sup chief?
by Tim Tom February 26, 2003
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In the United States Navy and Coast Guard, and in the Navies of various country's- the lowest level of senior enlistedmen. An informal, but widely used, contraction of the title Chief Petty Officer (US grade E-7).

The most important promotion in an enlistedman's career, the title carries with it significant responsibilities, not limited to training and mentoring junior commissioned officers (15 or so years younger than themselves) and playing father figure to a bunch of juvenile imbeciles the Navy has the audacity to call sailors.

Chiefs are well respected by senior officers, feared by junior enlisted men and are treated like a general pain in the ass by far too many junior officers. Identified by their khaki uniforms, they maintain a separate mess that even a Captain can't enter without permission and cannot be demoted short of a conviction at Court Martial.
"Chief says he'll burn my ass if I'm late for work again. Goddamn it, I'm a fucking Ensign, no fucking way should that dickhead be able to go over my head like that."
"You've been in 9 months, and know shit. Say that after you've put in 15 years."
by The_Egoist December 13, 2011
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n.) A chief excuse-maker; an individual who consistently comes up with absolute fucking bullshit excuses not to do something. the most generic excuses are pulled muscles such as quads and labias, although many others have been used as well.
Person 1 - "why isn't Fitz at conditioning today?"

Person 2 - "He's being a chief because he pulled his god damn quad again, this is the 20th fucking time! Did you notice that mitch was chiefing as well for his torn labia?"

Person 1 - "No, but I do now... those fucking chiefs"
by jobiusroar19 December 02, 2010
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