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The process of excessive drug use of your choice with a small to medium group of friends, sometimes people you don't even know. This usually occurs outside in a recreational park or a small, sweaty bedroom. The 'sesh' (short for session) usually ends when the sunrises, however can continue for as long as your body and jaw lets you.
Clarence: Yo what you doing tonight?
Lez: Not much g, think Mike is having a sesh round his tonight, you game?
Clarence: Yeh man, that's bless.
by Fack_Off_Clarence November 18, 2016
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An abbriviation of the word session, may relate to drinking, smoking pot, excessive computer gaming or anything else that lasts a prolonged period of time.
Yo, u in for the sesh

yeh sure
by Pirate November 29, 2005
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"Hey guys, let's hit the beer garden for a Sunday sesh"

"It's 4:20! Time for a sesh"

"My arms are tired after this morning's gym sesh"

"Man, my butt hurts after that curry sesh at Shamal's place last night"
by shakerface November 18, 2015
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A 'sesh' is when a person or group get so twisted that there in a gaff at 6AM gurning back out ยฃ150 down with a blocked nose filled with Ket. Drinking isn't a sesh
'Darren can't hack the sesh on bit yanno'
by JamesLth January 05, 2017
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A "session" in which one smokes cannabis sativa through the use of a bong with a collective of friends.
by AstroBlue April 07, 2003
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