The process of excessive drug use of your choice with a small to medium group of friends, sometimes people you don't even know. This usually occurs outside in a recreational park or a small, sweaty bedroom. The 'sesh' (short for session) usually ends when the sunrises, however can continue for as long as your body and jaw lets you.
Clarence: Yo what you doing tonight?
Lez: Not much g, think Mike is having a sesh round his tonight, you game?
Clarence: Yeh man, that's bless.
by Fack_Off_Clarence November 18, 2016
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An abbriviation of the word session, may relate to drinking, smoking pot, excessive computer gaming or anything else that lasts a prolonged period of time.
Yo, u in for the sesh

yeh sure
by Pirate November 29, 2005
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A "session" in which one smokes cannabis sativa through the use of a bong with a collective of friends.
by AstroBlue April 7, 2003
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The act of excessive drinking and sometimes smoking/doing drugs in a field, dark alley way, or some place no one will find you. Mainly a field. Usually underaged but not always. Done in session stompers such as Filas or superstars. NEVER in a club or civilised environment in nice outfits.
by aldi is shan July 11, 2019
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To have fun, rave, party, have a good time, exceeds all expectations

Often used with the word "bare" to form "bare sesh" for when the sesh was epic

Could also refer to a sexual experience
by bare V-man May 30, 2010
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to somoke cannabis with a group of friend( usually in circle)

does not mean to have sex with one person
hey maggie how was that sesh in the garrage last week.

hey bek diddnt have a sesh thier was only two of them!
by stoner man March 31, 2008
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