Slang term for a condom. Especially one that is meant to provide better protection using the latest advancements in medical technology. And of course this has nothing to do with the protective gear that astronauts wear while walking and performing tasks in space.
Doctor: Okay now Ron, I am going to have you volunteer you to try out the experimental Adonis 9000 Smart Condom. Created using the latest advancements in nanotechnology, the Adonis 9000 has built in nanofibers and nanowiring that are intended to actually provide more pleasure while offering more protection. It's also supposed to feel like a real skin penis and it also supposed to work like an extra foreskin.

Ron Jeremy: Umm, alright sure Doc I'll be happy to try it out. *feminine moaning in the background* Honey, just relax! I know how horny you are, but just hang on to your cheeseburger(vagina) while I put this space suit on!

Doctor: Thank you Ron! But remember to take it off before ejaculating!

Ron Jeremy: I will, Doc.

*moments later, Ron and his female sex partner have finished doing their thing and Ron goes back to the doctor to tell him the results*

Ron Jeremy: (holding up his experimental condom)Holy shit this baby does work! My orgasms and her orgasms are much more intense!

Doctor: I am proud of you Ron! And my invention!
by Mark H September 6, 2004
A space suit in when you pass gas in warm clothes and it channels the smell straight to your nose.
I was out playing in the snow and space suited myself! It stunk like sh#@!
by Upir lichy #1 July 9, 2017
A plactic bag placed over the head and face.
"Last I jacked off, while wearing an Appalachian space suit."

"That chick would look good in an Appalachian space suit."
by goblazers_6 May 21, 2010
Jerkin' it because you have to, not because you are in the mood.
"I heard Gary quit watchin' porn." "Does he still jerk it?" "Yeah but only space suit maintenance."
by the_$tarter November 19, 2013
When a douche bag wears copious amounts of cologne or substitutes bathing in patchouli for showering.
Dear God did you smell that guy, he's rocking a Sacramento space suit.
by jdazza30 October 26, 2014