My girlfriend cheated on me? Dear God

Teacher won't stop yelling Dear God
by MyNameIsChipsAhoy October 11, 2018
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An exclamation used to express your utter repudiation of a person, place, thing, or idea. You are insinuating that if you could send a letter to God, the contents would entirely be "No".
To: Heaven, 777
From: Somewhere in North America, 12345

Dear God No.

Not So Sincerely,
by Psychoticlife September 28, 2020
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something you say when you experience something or see something so unbelievably unbelieavble
oh dear god he's dressed like a pink bunny for halloween
by Holly Matronic May 14, 2007
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The expression to use when utter horrifying events, in a movie or real life, leave you with a horrifying feeling and you wish nothing more than for god to erase that event from existence.
Logan: DEAR GOD, NO GOD! aj: *gag noise* mike: what!?. . . Oh GOD! they all watch as a fat man gets gorilla masked!
by ajgamerguy June 14, 2007
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What a person(s) say when they are close to their demise by offending some greater being such as Chuck Norris.
terrorist one: All right get me the bomb!
terrorist two: here it is haji...wait what is that?
haji(terrorist one): no worry just some hillbilly in a ha...
(terrorist one is suddenly ripped in half)
terrorist two: who are you?
Chuck Norris: Chuck Norris
terrorist two:oh dear god HELP...
by lluzam July 9, 2009
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