E: Alright, I'm gonna hit the head guys, I'll see you in the seats.

Drama: You gonna be alright alone?

E: Yeah I'll be fine in the bathroom alone Drama. I'll see you guys at the seats

(Entourage Season 3 Episode 16)
by Khijuana April 03, 2010
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The most powerful being in the universe. The head currently resides at ricktown college, where the head holds the position of the head of ricktown college.
person 1: father, have u seen the head recently?
person 2: yes father i saw the head on my head giving me head lastnight.. mmm :)
by rickyrinkle December 29, 2009
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The phrase used to justify hooking up with an ugly or sub-par chick.
Jack- Yo dude I finally got with that Katie chick!
Nick- Nice bro, is she hot?
Jack- Head is head bro.
Nick- I'll take that as a no...
by Chris_Wright June 12, 2009
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Similar to bed head however instead of indicating you just got out of bed, it looks like you just gave head.

Characterized by a large hand print on the back of ones head.
by Young Reezie February 14, 2008
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The most pleasurable benefit of giving one's partner a head massage and getting oral sex in return.
I often start giving a simple head massage and it turns into a full blown head for head massage exchange. Give a little, get a little.
by Let's have fun in the sun June 16, 2010
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The part of the body where Thor should've aimed at Thanos in Infinity War.
Why the hell didn't Thor aim for the head.
by Kramerkape September 07, 2018
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Used (primarily by dudes, or bros) to describe a certain action/situation that irritates/agitates you/makes you angry.
Dude 1: "bro I can't believe he stole your polo shirt!"

Dude 2: "I know bro, I'm on heads about that!"
by Thejacksonpahl March 12, 2014
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