Becoming intimate with or involved with someone of the caucasian race; Particularly if you, yourself are black.
1: Hey, didn't Trey hook up with Kathleen last week?

2: Yeah man, he's playing in the snow now.

1: Well, she's pregnant now.

2: Damn, told him 'bout messin with those white girls!
by 2Thatoneguy April 11, 2011
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A verb phrase used primarily by black girls who A. 1) are crossing over to date white men, e.g. the newly converted American R&B singer–songwriter Toni Braxton, and/or 2) who love to date white men exclusively. B. In it's original and non-dating sense though it applied to individuals who use cocaine, e.g. the late, great American singer, songwriter, musician Rick James.
A. "Girl, that white man's so damn fine. Wait here with the brothas while I go play in the snow with him."

B. "Man, I'm got enough powder here to play in the snow forever."
by The Uptown Bandit November 18, 2011
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An expression used by men of color when referring to dating white girls.
I might be Afrocentric, but that doesn't mean I don't/won't play in the snow!
by talk2me-JCH2 January 26, 2021
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v. This is a phrase meaning to mess with a white chick.
"Oh so you talkin' to Becky now? I see you like playin' in the snow..."
by Dutch84 April 14, 2005
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Is usually referred to a male of color in his pursuit of a white female, or having sexual intercourse with a white female.
"Jose, where did you and Madison go?"
"Well, lets just say I got to play in the snow." ;

"DeShawn' sure seems happy today."
"Yeah, he must have played in the snow last night."
by F-eli-X April 26, 2011
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