Hippie perfume ... smells like forest, pot and snuggling
This summer smelled like cigarettes and patchouli.
by Lucy October 22, 2004
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A pungent scented oil usually worn by those who live an alternative or bohemian lifestyle. ie:Artist, musicians hippies, bikers, punkrockers etc.
"What is that wild smell?" "It's patchouli."
by mobtownlove August 27, 2006
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Used throughout the 60's and 70's not just as an excuse not to bathe, as some people claim, but to cover the scent of Smoke, Drink and Drugs on clothing.
"Shit dude you smell like weed!"

"I'll get the patchouli oil"
by Nock_1259 June 16, 2006
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An oil commonly used by dirty hippies to cover up the fact that they haven't bathed in weeks.
"Get your patchouli stench away from me!"
by Crimson Winged Avenger January 18, 2004
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1) A plant that smells like a Grateful Dead concert.
2) Not a shower, contrary to San Franciso's public policy on hygiene.
3) Slang term for Filty Filthy Hippie
"No hipppie, that's a bad hippie. Patchouli is not a shower!"
by fnordmotorco July 21, 2005
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A fragrance that is best when blended with other scents, not as a cover for a personality. Below is a joke I came up with when this hippie yelled a lot of random statements and then left the room. Anyone is free to repeat this joke.
"What a waste of patchouli."
by Brandon L. February 3, 2006
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An amulet of vaginal fluids worn in a flask around the neck.
"I finally convinced Orit to give me a patchouli last night."
by NewR2D2 August 7, 2012
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