The proper term for ''fart''.
Go outside to pass gas.
by David March 8, 2004
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To drive by a gas station without stopping.
Reggie and Ivonne drive through Louisiana bayou en route to New Orleans. The car soon to be run out of fuel. Reggie, distracted by pair of gators, didn't notice turn to gas station.
Yvonne: Reggie! You passing gas!
Reggie: I did not! That’s just swamp vapors.
by dildo777 August 27, 2016
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A website featuring a Toronto-based woman, Leah Treacy, hunched over a cake and passing gas. It was produced by her then boyfriend, Wayne Schiff, who posted it on YouTube. Within minutes, traffic overwhelmed the site as hundreds of thousands of people were attempting to trick their friends into watching a woman breaking wind over a cake.
Leah Treacy, a Toronto based 37 year old woman, enjoys the public act of passing gas. That's why she set up a website dedicated to her weird cake farting fetish and became an instant overnite world wide sensation.
by Wilmington.Steak February 28, 2011
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"Because of her spicy dinner Sara was passing gas all through the date! She was so embarrassed."
by Kareemah J. March 9, 2007
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(verb) The act of voting for a liberal.
In November, many people will be passing gas, however many more will be voting for people who care about our country and its values.
by Carl Hellyer December 28, 2004
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GAS is the acronym for Guitar Acquisition Syndrome, the undeniable inability to stop buying nice guitars. Passing GAS is the inevitable result of acquiring too many guitars, selling one off (passing it off to the next GAS sufferer), and severely regretting the sale. It is an unsettling yet temporary condition. Time is the only cure. Or buying another guitar.
I should never have sold that Gibson, I'm suffering from Passing GAS. I hate this feeling.
by ElCommissioner February 26, 2022
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