The technology for manufacturing very small tools or equipment, consisting of just a few molecules. The size of structures are 100 nm or smaller.
The only useful thing made with nanotechnology is condoms for the French.
by raymond_w October 22, 2009
Actually, nanotechnology doesn't just involve minute engineering of electronic and "hard" goods.
Nanotechnology research also involves manipulating cells and such to fight cancer and other ailments.
by Hizzo March 18, 2004
The science and technology of building electronic circuits and devices from single atoms and molecules. Responcible for Replicators (see; Star Trek) and the prevention of all terminal illness known to man quite probably by the year 2030.
Nanotechnology will make empires crumble when the white house collapses, the mosques in Isreal are turned 'naked woman' in colour and banana splits are on every counter in the free, wealthy world.
by Rebecka Nothing August 21, 2003