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Similarly used as "of doom," the phrase "from Hell" is an add-on that signifies what's wretched, horrible, abysmal, very bad, awful, infernal, etc. about something.
Getting his candy bar taken from his pocket by some brat kid. Then, getting his apartment burglarized. Then, getting erectile dysfunction while having sex with his very hot girlfriend. Then, getting dumped by his girlfriend. Then, getting dumped on by a flock of seagulls afterwards. Then, flunking the SAT. Then, getting fired from his job. Then, realizing he was too broke to pay his bills. Then, being forced from his apartment. Then, knowing that his mom had died from a heart attack. Then, knowing that his dad also died in a construction yard accident. Yep, for Mike that certainly was the day from Hell.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention this as the closing finale to his day. Then, going back from the local bar to his cardboard shack in the alley wasted with the Virgin Mary wearing a bikini top and miniskirt and then waking up the next morning naked next to the disgusting 400-pound demonic beast-woman from Hell.

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by Mark H July 26, 2005
To drink heavily to the point of getting zonked out of your mind.
Last night I tanked up so much, that I passed out and dreamed that I was swimming in a sea of beer.
by Mark H August 17, 2004
To defend oneself from getting raped/molested by a sexually ravenous male homo sapien sapien.

And yep you've guessed it right about the meaning's origin. Dodging the guy's balls.
Yo even tho there was 5 of us in the hood runnin' the train, that white ho kept dodgeballin' us till she had time to escape and call the pigs!
by Mark H July 19, 2004
A very pungent, very volatile, evil-smelling fart that can possibly cause nearby people to lose their willpower.

Can be easily caused by a person eating too much food that gives gas.
I am so fucking pissed off! I totally ruined my relationship with that girl because while I was dancing with her at the senior prom, I let out an uncontrollable weapon of gas destruction that left her and other couples in total disarray and dismay!
by Mark H July 2, 2004
An even more vulgar alternative to saying "Kiss my ass!" when you are really pissed off at someone who did something to you that you didn't like, or when you can't think of a more original and witty comeback to use on someone who's insulting and/or threatening you. When you say this, you either may or may not attempt to make that person do said action.
(scene from Nick D's mid high school years in which he was a badass black gangsta kid who got all da bitchez and was a pain in the ass among the school faculty, staff, and administration)

Principal: Well Nick you have been a chronic problem for a while now. Disrupting the learning enviroment by being a wiseass in class, bullying kids whom you consider lesser forms of human beings, getting into fights, offering drugs, and there have even been rumors of you engaging in some secret sexual activity with your so-called "girlfriends." For all of these atrocities, I am to take you down a peg or two by placing you in strict detention for the remainder of THIS YEAR! You get the point, huh son? HUH!?
Young Nick D: Eat my shit!
Principal: Well then you are expelled from this school FOREVER!! Officer, please escort this young man out of school. We'll make sure he'll never come back to cause more trouble.
*school resource officer grabs and drags Nick D away while Nick struggles and says "Fuck you, you narc-ass pig!" therefore making the cop pull out his Taser...*


(Mark H is using the men's room to drop a huge-ass deuce when he becomes suddenly startled upon seeing a fat middle-aged man wearing all pink climb into his stall and threaten him with the intention of brutal rape)
Fat guy: (in a southern accent) Well, lookee what we have here! You shoulda been more carefull in yer choice of stall! Look what I scribbled on the wall beside you.
Mark H: *turns around and sees the message "Free hot gay sex! Come here at 5:30 pm to suck my Texas-sized shlong and get your shit rammed in the wrong direction!" scrawled on the wall beside him in the stall.*
Mark H: (checking his watch to find out that is already 5:30 pm) *Gulp!*
Fat gay guy: Yeah that's right ya yellow-bellied dolly Mexican boy!*smirking with his mouth full of rotten teeth* Aint no way out for ya here! Yer my bitch now an' I'm gunna pin you down an' unfurl the tripod on yer chilli can!
Mark H: Well then eat my shit, you worthless fudge packer! *brutally struggles with the obese gay man, finding him to be a piss-poor brawler and then ultimately judo-flipping him head-first into the toilet*

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by Mark H February 23, 2005
1. When you are in the mood to just lie down and relax or go to sleep.
2. When you are in the mood to make love or just have raw passionate sex on the bed.
Lacey(wearing her bathrobe after taking a shower): You know Steve, I am so in the horizontal mood right now.
Steve: You're tired? That's understandable after a whole night of dancing together.
Lacey: No, honey, not in the sense of being 'tired.' *giggles* *quickly opens up her bathrobe, revealing her naked body in full glory*
Steve: GIGGIDY GIGGIDY GIGGIDY! *gets it on with Lacey*

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by Mark H November 20, 2004
A blowjob administered to a man who's driving the vehicle in which his lover is riding in.
When Bill was going on a road trip away from D.C. one day, he was getting a blowrider from Monica throughout the long journey.

Mark H. Proud UD author since February 2004.
by Mark H June 25, 2005