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That sensual seductive-looking glance that you (whether you are male or female) express when you are in a mood for something romantic and/or sexual.
1. The stripper greeted me with bedroom eyes when I was handing her my money.

2. When I saw my girl for the first time in a skimpy nightgown, we gave each other bedroom eyes and proceeded to make some lovin'.
by Mark H August 03, 2004

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1. A phrase used to express that something will or will not happen. This expression alludes to the ages-old superstition that literally knocking on wood would ward off evil spirits.
2. To masturbate, said of males.
(made-up scene from GTA San Andreas)

(at the beach)

Kent Paul: (ogling a hot girl come out of the water) Oi Maccer, just take a look at what just breezed out of the blue. That height, that arse, those jugs, those curves! Blimey if I'd be given the chance now I'd get to chuck my junk in that, knock on wood!
Maccer: Indeed man! Knock on wood, eh. Well alright then! *starts masturbating*
Kent Paul: No, jack-off Jimmy, not... ohh, *mumbles* fucking Northeners!

Mark H. Proud Urban Dictionary slang author since February 2004.
by Mark H September 30, 2005

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A termendous pile of greasy food that is all served on one plate. Quite likely to be seen at buffet restaurants.
*Nick D and one of his friends from the ghetto are out dining at the Golden Corral*

Nick D: *accidently spits out his drink while alarmed by the sight of a morbidly obese man serving himself pounds of fatty meat on a single plate* Holy shit, yo check out that niggapotamus over there serving himself a whole heart attack on a plate!
Nick's homie: I see that. Daaayum, that be one fool who needa check himself before he wrecks himself with that metric shitload of grease.
Nick D: Yeah I bet that sucka's soon gonna need an ox cart to carry his Jabba the Hutt ass around.
by Mark H September 23, 2004

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The area between a person's(male and female) legs; the crotch, the groin, the area where reproduction and the removal of bodily wastes occurs.
1.During cheerleading practice, while Jennifer was performing a cartwheel and the crotch of her outfit accidently slipped aside revealing her nether regions, little did she realize that Mick, who was jogging on the track nearby, caught sight of her wardrobe malfunction and suddenly had the irresistable urge to chuck it in her.

*a few days later...*

2.When poor ol' Mick accidently dropped the soap while using the prison shower, he had to bend over to pick it up, but this put his ass and nether regions into view, giving the other boys upstate a grand opportunity to tailpipe him and ram his shit in the wrong direction.

Mark H. Posting definitions on UD since last February.
by Mark H February 14, 2005

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A very good black/thrash metal band from Germany. Characterized especially by the wicked, raspy, German-accented vocals of their singer, Tom Angelripper.
Agent Orange is my favorite Sodom album! \m/
by Mark H July 16, 2004

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The world's longest band name, belonging to a Mexican grindcore/goregrind band that has recently started to gain recognition among the underground extreme music scene. This band consists of two insane Mexican guys, one who is the guitarist/vocalist, and the other one who is the drummer. Last year, they have released their debut album, "Satyriasis and Nymphomania," which is known among listeners for its very gruesome cover art, very long song titles, and the songs themselves, which talk about a combination of gore, disease, cadavers, and bizzare sexual acts/perversions.

And yes this band does exist. Do a search on Google for "Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis" and you'll get many results that relate to the band itself. Also, if you are a fan of extreme gory and perverted music, you might want to check out the album "Satyriasis and Nymphomania.
Guy 1: Dude, have you ever listened to the album "Satyriasis and Nymphomania" by that one Mexican band with the really long-ass fucking name that nobody can pronounce that starts with a P?
Guy 2: Yeah that is some sick and yet awesome stuff! Parradoctismuproctismimucosis, or whatever that band's called?
Guy 1: Yeah I know it is so friggin amazing, and I'll give 1$ to the person who can actually memorize the spelling of the band's name, an extra $5 if he can actually pronounce it, and $20 more if he knows what the name actually means.
Guy 2: Damn straight and I bet only someone with a medical degree can figure out the name's meaning.
by Mark H July 15, 2004

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Extreme courage or manliness.
Louie tried to prove that he had balls of steel by entering the boxing ring without wearing a protective cup, but then ended up losing his ability to reproduce when his opponent violated the standard universal boxing rules and uppercut him REALLY hard in the groin. Damn, this guy should be felt sorry for! That shit must've hurt like a living hell!

Mark H. Urban Author since February 2004
by Mark H May 18, 2005

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