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To defend oneself from getting raped/molested by a sexually ravenous male homo sapien sapien.

And yep you've guessed it right about the meaning's origin. Dodging the guy's balls.
Yo even tho there was 5 of us in the hood runnin' the train, that white ho kept dodgeballin' us till she had time to escape and call the pigs!
by Mark H July 19, 2004
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When a woman masturbates while she's having her period. The word is coined from the words "masturbation" and "menstruation(i.e. when a woman has her period).
When the voyeur caught sight of the black-haired, pale-skinned goth chick lying naked and menstrubating on a towel on the floor, he immediately thought to himself, "That is one sick bitch!"

Mark H. Expanding the sexual slang vocabulary since February 2004.
by Mark H October 10, 2004
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A man's penis(a rather large one in particular).

(Antonym: slim jim)
Hey girl, wanna come here and suck my Big John?
by Mark H February 24, 2004
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Yet another one of the many euphemisms for "anal sex," particularly anal sex that involves a man ejaculating his prostate pudding down his partner's Hershey Highway after fucking her/him real good. The origin of this term is the implication that the resulting shit/semen mixture would closely resemble the frappuccino drink sold at Starbucks coffee.
When Jason, a former student and basketball player at St. John's University got arrested and sent upstate for soliciting prostitution, his life was made a living hell as he struggled and every day against a ginormous 400-pound black cell mate, who kept trying (successfully) to frap his ccino all night long 24/7.

Mark H. Frapping UrbanDictionary's ccino with my slang vocabulary since February 2k4.
by Mark H April 2, 2005
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An extremely fat or obese woman with a very VERY hairy pubic area and with as The Doctor said, a beaver barrier. This term is best used to describe this type of fat woman when she's naked or almost naked.
Biologist/Zoologist Dr. Michael Hein and his group of 4 scientists were out exploring and studying the wildlife around the muddy banks and swampy areas of the Amazon River in South America, when he and his team were suddenly ambushed, attacked, and raped by a band of native swamp hogs.

Mark H. Contributing to Urban Dictionary since February 2004.
by Mark H October 1, 2004
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Similarly used as "of doom," the phrase "from Hell" is an add-on that signifies what's wretched, horrible, abysmal, very bad, awful, infernal, etc. about something.
Getting his candy bar taken from his pocket by some brat kid. Then, getting his apartment burglarized. Then, getting erectile dysfunction while having sex with his very hot girlfriend. Then, getting dumped by his girlfriend. Then, getting dumped on by a flock of seagulls afterwards. Then, flunking the SAT. Then, getting fired from his job. Then, realizing he was too broke to pay his bills. Then, being forced from his apartment. Then, knowing that his mom had died from a heart attack. Then, knowing that his dad also died in a construction yard accident. Yep, for Mike that certainly was the day from Hell.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention this as the closing finale to his day. Then, going back from the local bar to his cardboard shack in the alley wasted with the Virgin Mary wearing a bikini top and miniskirt and then waking up the next morning naked next to the disgusting 400-pound demonic beast-woman from Hell.

Mark H. Proud UD author since February 2004.
by Mark H July 26, 2005
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To drink heavily to the point of getting zonked out of your mind.
Last night I tanked up so much, that I passed out and dreamed that I was swimming in a sea of beer.
by Mark H August 17, 2004
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