don't you get lost
I am so sorry I can't be with you right now. From your hate I can tell how much you must be hurting.

We are taught early on how to handle pain and stick to these patterns if they are effective.
We don't find out until much later that sometimes these patterns satisfy and calm the pain often disguised as hateful outbursts but they don't solve the problem in the long run.
We all deal with pain, fear, loss in different ways. We all have our own techniques coping. Its just when things get out of hand, maybe the time would be right to reach out, open up to whoever is suitable.

Because you are loved and you are missed and you don't have any idea because you're stupid. 🖤
(banal but true)
by Krkič April 7, 2019
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Something that you cannot do
Me: But dad fighting is fun
Dad: no it isn't
Me: But i want to, so can I please do it
Dad: No son
Me: Why not
Dad: Because you freaking can't CHILD
Me: I hate you
by Sora12344 March 9, 2021
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Because you like SUGA
Because you like SUGA
by Kmqq April 22, 2023
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One of the most popular theories as to how the dinosaurs become extinct.
Why did the dinosaurs die out?

Because you touch youself at night!
by AndyAML July 30, 2003
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The truly ultimate responce to any kind of stupid or annoying "why" question, or simply to a question you cannot answer.
That answer will totally piss off annoying kids who ask too many questions.
See also: because you're gay.
Kid: Why did the dinosaurs die out?
Tour guide: Because you touch yourself at night.

Son: Why do you drink so much, dad?
Dad: Because you touch yourself at night!

Little brother: Why don't you ever let me into your room?
Big brother: Because you touch yourself at night, you little brat!
by Urban_Fellow June 24, 2006
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