The latest refers to the most recent news to any situation.
"What's the latest with Bitter?"
by mikesting March 1, 2014
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a term usually used in a derogatory manner to describe brand new things, and how sought after and fawned over they are by people who often already have perfectly good items said new thing would be replacing, usually in an attempt to stay hip or cool, be "first on the block," or keep up with the Joneses.
The Apple fanboys always gotta have the latest and greatest, faithfully in line for new iPads and iPhones, even if their current ones are only a few months old and the new ones aren't that much different.

Hayley, you already have 12 Prada bags, do you really need to chase down the latest and greatest?

Gotta love how these spoiled hipsters use their trust funds on the latest and greatest!
by Kuahmel March 11, 2013
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to void oneself of fecal matter in a computer literate way.
Boss: "Who knows where Milt went? His report is late!"

Milt's Work Bud: "I believe he is downloading the latest software."

Boss: "Well, alrighty then. Gotta love his initiative!"
by KeVIInXI July 31, 2011
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Promise a game with less bugs than before, but comes out with more shitload than ever.
Dog, I did a get latest and my character is now rotating on himself while sliding
Yesterday my level was playable, now everything is killing me, including the floor.
Hey boi, how you doin'? - Fine and you? - I did a get latest - I'm so sorry dude...
by GoldenCase May 23, 2018
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When you just get the "newest" or "latest" technology and then you see that the even newer version is to come out soon. And you mad.
Ryan Keith Sams-hite acquired the newest galaxy right before seeing an ad for the iPhone 6 causing him to contract the latest technology blues.
by Midnightdirtynames July 16, 2014
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