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A term used in the US Army to denote extreme uselessness. It is directed toward something or someone that is the figurative equivalent of the literal hot sloppy pile of shit that a gob of soup between two pieces of sandwich bread would be.

So the implication here is that the object of discussion is 'Fucked up like a soup sandwich.'

Equivalent expressions in the civilian world are:
Tore up from the floor up.
Useless as tits on a boar..
and so forth.
Drill Sergeant: "Private you can't do anything right, you could break a goddamn crow-bar. Why I couldn't trust you to remove the lint from the back side of my ball sack with a piece of goddamn hundred MPH tape. You're about as worthless as a soup sandwich."

Drill Sergeant: "You are the lowliest goddamn example of hot garbage I have EVER seen. You look like a goddamn soup sandwich, that uniform looks like you pressed it under your mattress springs, and those dusty ass boots look like you shined them with a snicker bar and a goddamn green pad. That is goddamn un-sat, Private. Report to my office immediately following this formation to be skullfucked appropriately."
by ABN_PMPN505 June 18, 2011
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A phrase used extensively in the U.S. military to describe a person or a situation that is in complete disarray. A description of something that is totally fucked up.
Johnson! Holy Shit! Look at your uniform! You looked as fucked up as a soup sandwich. You're a goddamn Chicken Noodle Hoagie!"!"
by Barracks Lawyer January 28, 2009
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A slang term used by members of the United States Army to describe a fellow soldier whose performance is unsatisfactory. This term is often shortened to just "soup."

The term expresses a state of extreme uselessness, which can be understood by considering the functionality and worth of soup between two slices of bread.
"You are SOUP, private! You are a dog-gone SOUP SANDWICH! DROP!"
by GaliemVae... oh, fuck it December 06, 2004
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1) A complete mess
2) A person with a total lack of organizational skills.
Wow, you forgot your wallet, got pulled over, AND locked your keys in the car?!? What a fucking soup-sandwich!
by IceLore July 23, 2003
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Term used extensively in the US Army to describe something that ain't right and 9 times out of 10 can't get right. (If you put soup between two slices of ain't right, nor can it get right).
Really, Private Boscoe. You're just ate up, f**kin' SOUP SANDWICH!
by V. Vicious November 08, 2010
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A baseline reference of how screwed up someone or something is.
Giving up on ever coaxing coherence or lucidity out of Mrs Nasselwein, Dr Perls said to his patient, "Lady, you're more fucked up than a soup sandwich."
by harry flashman July 23, 2003
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something that is so fucked up, that it reaches an impossible degree that its compared to a sandwich made out of soup.
dave peeing in that gurls but was more fucked up then a soup sandwich
by jim nasty April 04, 2005
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