1. A military slang used to describe a soldier who lacks organizational skills, which is partially interchangable with soup. Soup sandwich typically is used for more serious levels of unsatisfactory performance, while ate up is used more frequently.

Synonyms: Soup Sandwich, Soup

2. The feeling of hangover experienced following the use of the illicit substance, MDMA, known on the streets as ecstasy.
"Private you are ate-the poot-up!"

"Man, I haven't been hungry all day. I'm too ate up from last night."
by GaliemVae... oh, fuck it December 7, 2004
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Crap military drill instructors like to say to basic trainees when they aren't performing to expectation.
PRIVATE...........You shot out the Humvee's tires instead of the target..........You are ATE UP!
by Piranha October 29, 2004
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A person who has indulged in one too many drugs and as a result has become less intelligent.
Dustin is totally ate up.
by Jildo June 5, 2005
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adjective describing obsessive or eccentric behavior. In reference to a person's rational behavior as "eaten" or consumed.
That dude is ate up, everytime you mention "seven of nine" he mumbles to himself in Klingon and goes to his room to whack off.
by Boutros Boutros-Ghali July 19, 2003
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to overwhelmingly exceed someone’s performance (most commonly in reference to a outfit)
Assume Jessica is much more well dressed than Veronica; someone could say Jessica ate up Veronica, “Damn, Jessica ate Veronica up!”
by faguettebaguette July 10, 2022
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The nasty appearance people take on after using meth for a while. Includes sores and scabs on the face and possibly all over the body. Generally "ate up" looking people look like they haven't eaten or slept in weeks and could use a good wash.
Have you seen your ex-girlfriend lately? That girl is looking hella ate up!
by eila January 28, 2012
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