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wHo WaNtS sOmE sOuP??????????
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by ⒾⓐⓜⓈⓄⓊⓅ December 05, 2018
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A liquid food that usually has meats (chicken, turkey, etc), noodles, vegetables, herbs etc. Different kinds inclde Minestrone, Clam Chowder (comes in Manhattan, New England, and Rhode Island form), and tomato.
by Blahb May 05, 2005
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A wordfilter on 4chan's /b/ board, literally a translation of "sup".
For some reason, my post got changed to "Soup, /b/?"
by GN Varga March 02, 2008
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Word used to express gratitude towards ones presence, rather then what's up or sup as some would use.
Me: Soup Jerry.
Jerry: Huh?
Me: what you up to?
jerry: Drinking soup...
Me: Clever.
by Leon Heck August 23, 2011
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