A consolation for: when something bad happens that affects you or others; when something terribly wrong occurs when it wasn't supposed to
We re-elected Bush? That ain't right.
by a stranger September 2, 2005
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Common line uttered by King of the Hill character Hank Hill when his son Bobby acts in a way that irritates and/or confuses him.
by Gaaraofthedamned February 29, 2012
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Just plain wrong, twited,and F***ed Up! Aka: S.A.R.
When a group of Cali girls are on a trolly to Tijuana ,Mexico, they look around and say "Shit ain't right!"
by whozcrackin October 2, 2006
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Acknowledging that something is right in a context and immediately saying right to confirm it.
by dmawright January 28, 2016
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What one says when the situation is so fucked up there is really nothing else to say...
After accidentally walking into the over 50 swinger's event, all I could say is, "This shit ain't fucking right!"
by ALJOJO August 4, 2006
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