a term used to describe getting in the right additude whether it by getting drunk, high, taking a shit or any other thing that puts you in the "right" additude.
by WEBSTER'S BITCH October 30, 2005
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To use cocaine as a mood enhancer to feel proper or to "get right"
Man I need a bump just to get right.
by Mean Gean Oakland May 17, 2004
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To get high on some bad ass Sativa. To get in the proper headspace.
We should get right and then play some music.
by Psychobillypimpstyle January 27, 2003
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"i'm about to sign you up we can get right before the night is up we can get riiighhttttt tonniiigghhttt
by ciara February 27, 2005
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female who is willing to be shared with friends because she will get right wit you and get right wit him and get right wit with Black Chan.
I used to wank Chanel as my bone cock but then I found out she is the neighborhood get right so I said fuck dat bitch I will band her sister Susquehana.
by Vagapotomus March 25, 2007
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v. i. To become indignant.
She got right with the guy who smacked her badonkadonk.
by fizzle April 14, 2004
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