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Having no sex whatsoever. Usually as part of a religious vow, even though not many religions practice it.
Catholic nuns typically practice celibacy and sometimes vows of silence.
by AYB July 17, 2003
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Often confused with Chastity, celibacy is an abstinence from sex that is correctly performed on a permanenet basis. The Catholic Church defines the only foolproof method of Birth Control as being "Chastity outside of marriage and Celibacy within marriage."
A:"What's the difference between Celibacy and Chastity?"
B:"Chastity means no sex while you are single. Celibacy means no sex while you are breathing"
A:"Wow, that means the True LOve Waitskids are in for a nasty shock after they get married then die . . . "
by D F Stuckey February 18, 2004
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abstaining from sexual activity and marriage for religious or spiritual reasons.
It exists within several religions.
Nuns and Monks are the best example of this practice.
Because she is a Roman Catholic nun she practices celibacy.
by AnonymousAnnie May 02, 2009
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Abstaining from sex, period. Often enforced upon members of clergy, and thus resulting in the rape or molestation of children.
When you deny basic human biology you invite disaster, just look at the celibate Catholic priests.
by Ben September 29, 2004
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A guy's reason for committing suicide: No sex.

Typically religious but not very common in today's society.
Nuns and monks practice celibacy.

Frat boys do not practice celibacy.
by fasse May 13, 2006
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A great and worthwhile practice whereby you abstain from any form of sexual relations and therefore do not hook up on dance floors.
Wow that girl not hooking up on the dance floor is practicing good celibacy- the other one (who is shamefully kissing that boy), is not! What a disgrace!
by Celibategirl March 18, 2009
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