An affectionate word for a loved one. Someone you love infinity and beyond.
I love my bubba so so much.
by hotstuffohya March 29, 2010
Bubba, means friend, pal or companion and can also be used as a cute name to call a loved one. This is also a cute name for a hamster or other small animals. It can be shortened into bub.
To a friend- “hey bubba/bub hows you day been?”
To a pet-“come here bubba/bub awwww good girl/boy”
To a lover-“hey bub/bubba make me a cup of tea pleaseeeeeeee”
by EvieAmxr July 29, 2018
Bubba is bubs. Bubba gives the best hugs in this world. Bubba is my soulmate and everything
Hi Bubba, you da bomb. Com
by presnuss April 27, 2018
Bubba - name for a close friend or boyfriend. Originating from Bubs. Bubba implies someone special and close to your heart. Bubba is someone you turn to when you need comfort. Your Bubba is always there for you.
I love my bubba, he's great!
by Basil :) August 16, 2010
You're baby, babe, boo, hunny all in one
That boy is everything to me he's my bubba.
by Microman30 April 20, 2016
Bubba Bubba Bubba.
by ConnerStallings March 20, 2019
A sweet nick name certain people give to someone they consider a bro/sister, like a best friend sorta thing.
Aww, Bubba! You need to come over again tomorrow...
by Kalcutta May 29, 2005