to have sex with someone really hard and in a crazy way
Oh who? That girl? Yeah, I smashed her last week, no big deal.
by Mark Abell December 18, 2004
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to be fucked out of you mind CuZ ur Fucking drunk as hell!!
MaN WeN i FiNiSHeD My 40' oF VoDKa WoWWy WaS i Smashed GooD TiMe Tho
by The Reefer Man April 27, 2005
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1.) To be tired after a long or enduring process.
2.) see drunk
1.) eg. "I'm so smashed after cleaning yesterday"
2.) eg.) "That guy got so smashed he passed out after the party"
by CrispyPotatoes February 19, 2017
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Word used to describe a vagina that's beat and/or resembles pastrami.
She must have just got through fucking an army of dudes because she was smashed!

She wouldn't feel a fence post there, she's smashed.
by Jonathan January 14, 2005
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Someone who plays Battlefield, and only Battlefield and is really really good at it. Is also good at that game called "Real Life". Chick magnet.
OMGWTFBBQ! that SmasheD dude can pick up chicks and play BF42 at the same time, while looking cool!
by SmasheD March 12, 2005
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