1) To move the garbage from indoors to outdoors so that the sanitation people may take it to a landfill.
2) Term used, usually in movies, where the good guy gives the bad guy(s) what's coming to them.
"It's time to take out the trash!" said the hero before he bludgeoned the villain with a lead pipe.
by Sean Piece October 15, 2003
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To get rid off something that is otherwise in the way using violence.
Weak Kid is being attacked by randomly Violent Kid.
Weak Kid: "Oh dear, please don't hurt me anymore"
Weak Kid's friend who will protect Weak Kid: "Time to take out the trash...."
by Randomly Violent Kid November 20, 2006
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to dispose of a dead body(s), ussually by the muderer.
in the movie disturbia, the killer had to "take out the trash"
by tiwey June 13, 2008
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dating a guy or girl that someone else tossed out like the trash
I dumped Susanna last month and now Benji is tappin' that ass. That fucking garbage man is always taking out my trash.
by Nick D February 11, 2003
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What a girl says she’s gonna do when she asks me out
Me: so what are you doing tomorrow?
Girl: Nothing, just taking out the trash
Me: *gasp* :)
by CABAGE No2 April 3, 2022
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person 1: "Are you ready yet?"
person 2: "Hold on im taking out the trash."
person 1: "Awww dude thats gross."
by The Original BA blackbelt April 25, 2010
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