16 definitions by The Reefer Man

Mainly a cigarette could be a colt or cigar that can lead up to the feared cancer.
MaN ReeD JusT PoPPeD A sWeeT CaNCeR sTicK iN HiS Mouth He DiDn'T Even CaRe
by The Reefer Man May 06, 2005
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a small cigar(colt) With a sweet tip..comes in original, sweet cherry and sweet tip(choclatey)...
i FucKinG sMoKeD My WhoLe PacK oF CaPTainS YesTeRDaY~!
by The Reefer Man April 26, 2005
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a powerful pill drug.. when taken this drug its a good time with lots of hornyness..
had a wicked good time on that "e" last night!
by The Reefer Man April 19, 2005
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meaning drunk and high at the same time fuckin smashed!! similar to the word \"zonked\"
FucK Afta i finished drinkin that 2\'4 amd smoked that green i was fuckin CrunKeD
by The Reefer Man April 26, 2005
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