A game series made by Nintendo that has been consistently popular and has proven that no gamer hates Nintendo.
Guy 1: Dude, why do you still play Nintendo? It's so childish.

Guy 2: Says the guy who insisted on playing Super Smash Bros.

Guy 1:...
by No Yu June 25, 2014
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Microsoft fan: “You should play Halo”
Me: (yelling) “Eat super smash bros, bitch” (proceeds to throw 3ds in Microsoft fans face)
by BluePikmin July 8, 2018
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A more fun way to say friends with benefits. Instead of asking your friend if they’re up or want to hook up you just say: “Super Smash Bros?”
Daphne: Super Smash Bros?
Fred: I’m gonna eat you like a Scooby Snack
Daphne: Jeepers!
by supersmashbrosyesplease January 25, 2018
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A very fun game series, better than pretty much any other modern game right now, including shitty fortnite
You should probably play with items off
Person: Hey you wanna play Super Smash Bros Melee?
Autist: nO iM fInNa pLaY sOmE fOrTnItE
Person: You're a fucking faglord piece of shit
by YeahRahil December 4, 2018
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When 2-8 people are fucking, and whenever someone cums 3 times, they lose.
Person 1: Did you hear Johnny got 3-Stocked?
Person 2: Yah, he got destroyed by that dude. He’s so trash, he shouldn’t play Super Smash Bros anymore.
by BladeZGX November 10, 2020
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There are only two methods of orgasm. Sex and Super Smash Bros
by WispyTheLu March 2, 2020
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