The dial-up internet provider that NEVER lets you cancel your membership.

Many people I know have tried to cancel their membership with no success.
me: I would like to cancel my AOL membership.
AOL rep: (After a long conversation)But we'll give you 2 free months free.
me: All I want to do is cancel my membership. I don't need it anymore, I have cable modem now.
AOL rep: But AOL is the best blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...
me: Please stop trying to get me to not cancel I already told you I don't want or need AOL any more.
AOL rep: But we have superior anti-virus software blah blah blah blah bah blah blah blah blah blah blah...
me: You are getting on my nerves and wasting my time.
AOL rep: But 2 free months blah blah blah blah blah blah...
me: fine whatever (I hang up after a lengthy conversation and at this point AOL has ruined my day and I'm pissed off)

I uninstalled AOL from my computer, and had to call my credit card company to report my card lost so I could get out of my AOL membership. I travel a lot, which is why I used AOL to begin with. Fortunately most hotels have high speed wireless internet access now.
by eb1radtech May 22, 2005
A really crappy ISP. This 'lawyer' who is trying to sue urbandictionary is just a stupid idiot who doesn't realize that this is a site where anyone can post their definition, and a lawsuit against it would abridge free speech.
Read the first amendment, you bozo!
by Bob882 August 29, 2004
Now AOL is trying to control the music download business with a new service called "MusicNet@AOL". It's bad enough that AOL censors content and keeps track of what you see, now AOL wants to keep track of what you hear.

Any song downloaded from the AOL MusicNet service contains DRM (Digital Rights Management) software code embedded in it. DRM is used so AOL and the RIAA can identify which AOL member is downloading which songs. If you don't believe AOL and the RIAA keep track of what you are doing online, you are a n00b. You obviously haven't read your AOL user agreement.

AOL sucks. Boycott AOL!
by Speed Racer October 12, 2004
While the service does suck dogshit, and is incredibly slow at times, and is full of glitches, the REAL fun comes when you are cancelling your membership, because the representatives will do anything to keep you using the AOL service, and they don't seem to understand the word "NO".
Joe: I would like to cancel my AOL membership.
AOL Rep: Why?
Joe: I have found AOL to be expensive for my budget and I am switching to a cheaper alternative instead.
AOL Rep: $28 a month is not expesive!
Joe: It is when you are a college student, and if NetZero and Juno are offering the same Internet package for $15 a month.
AOL Rep: Alright. How about we just sign you to our Netscape plan for $19.99?
Joe: No thank you.
AOL Rep: about you tell us exactly how long you will not be using AOL?
Joe: Not ever again.
AOL Rep: You know, you are ruining my chance to get another pay bonus.
Joe: And I could care less. Please just cancel my account already.
AOL Rep: Shit! he's not as gullible as we thought.....did I just say that out loud?
Joe: Yup.
by sarcastic August 21, 2004
1. America On-Line, one of the first ISP's available for mainstream US. It is not very well liked, and is usually very slow. Put out "free" software through the mail almost monthly for a time, leaving many with useless extra discs. Still around today, AOL is now riddled with problems such as its lack of speed, annoyance of use, and its bad reputation.

*NOTE: Not to be confused with AoL, which is short for the second game in the Legend of Zelda series, "Adventure of Link" for the NES, which introduced RPG elements (i.e, leveling up) into the series.*
*annoying dial-up noise*

You've got mail.

*computer crashes*
by eMPTy³ February 16, 2004
a company that sends you free drink coasters.
person00: hey, we got a new aol coaster. this one is 6.5 it must be better than our last 4.0 coaster.

person01: cool, ill add it to the other 300 we have.
by someguy December 14, 2003
Almost On Line

It's so fun to get these free disks in tin boxes. It serves many purposes.
1. You can use the disks as (but not limited to) frisbees, ornaments, anger management, and food.
2. The tin boxes can be all of the above mentioned and also pet cages.
Radio Talk Show Host (RTSH): Hello, Mike?
Mike (M): Hey. I have a problem with my internet.
RTSH: Well Mike, what type of internet do you have?
M: AOL...
RTSH: AHA! I think I've already found your problem!
RTSH: Yep, didn't you know AOL stands for Almost On Line? You gotta use the real stuff man.

(This was an actual conversation on a radio talk show station in Arizona, USA)
by Zuki December 26, 2005