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or slowie is a blowjob. This term used by Graduates of Strath Haven High School from about 2000-2003?4, perhaps extending a few years before graduates of 2000.
Yea she gives a sweet slowy .

by Dave McCormick November 19, 2007
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When you’re friend ir spouse is asleep (you may have drugged them with sleeping pills) and you suck their dick. Sleep + blowy = slowy. It has to be consensual.
Dude 1: okay, so imma drug you so I can give u a slowy.

Dude 2: okey dokey. No homo?
Dude 1: no homo
by England_isn’t_my_city September 25, 2018
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slowy or slowie is usually a word used to describe people who are dumb or thick or are a bit slow
man 1: the answer is in front of you face you fucken slowy
by zzxy_ June 25, 2018
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