This is a term used for clear, watery diarrhea.
Dude, either Jessi sat in a puddle of water or she had a case of the colon cryin' in her corduroys.
by HustonB August 09, 2011
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To over dramatically pretend to cry in an attempt to gain empathy when credibility fails.

A tantrum thrown in order to deflect accountability for one's misdeeds & inadequacies, usually by an over privileged, entitled individual unaccustomed to consequences for their bad behavior.
Black Out Brett couldn't refute the growing mountain of evidence against his character, unethical behavior, questionable personal finances or even answer basic questions regarding law, procedure & the Constitution. So he went on this crazy ass rant about daddy's calendars & pulled some Kavanaugh cryin. How embarrassing.

Jenny straight up caught her man in the act screwing another woman. He thought his Kavanaugh cryin would keep her from dumping him.
It did not.

Everyone in the play group got a cookie, but Sally wanted everyone else's for herself. She started Kavanaugh cryin, screaming about being victimized & threatened to throw herself off the teeter totter. What a brat!
by Snappy Capricorn October 07, 2018
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After watching the maid touch herself, Dylan found himself drivin' and cryin' in the adjacent room, both satiated and regretful.
by Jebediah Morningside October 19, 2011
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a non-offensive statement used to exagerate or emphasize the largeness of a statement.
For cryin' out loud stop acting like a baby-baby-stick-your-head-in-gravy!!!
by deby Stevens January 02, 2007
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After a good hard pounding, ass-pumping adventure the male ejaculates into the "whale eye", or the female's anus. She then proceeds to push it out giving the illusion of a cryin' whale.
The bitch might as well die if she gets the cryin' whale eye.
by Nate, Zach, Kyle November 09, 2007
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A crying whale eye is what females or homosexuals achieve when a man cums in their anus and the semen leaks out.
I thought I pulled out of her in time, but I then I turned to find her cryin' whale eye looking right at me.


Don't be such a fucking cryin' whale eye.
by 4horsemen October 01, 2007
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cryin means laughing or crying laughing.
man i cryinn or cryinn braa
by RiahDadon November 08, 2021
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