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Another way of saying okeydoke, okey, sure, alright, sure thing

Appeared first in around 1930.

Famously used in the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, which interestingly corresponds to that time era, by Short Round, the Vietnamese kid with the hat, who also starred in the Goonies.
Short Round: Okey dokey Dr. Jones. Hold on to your potatoes.
by papermachete February 22, 2006
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A way to politely opt out of a conversation/argument that no longer makes any damn sense.
Hey man why are you putting that turtle in the toilet?

Because he ate my hamburger and you're not supposed to swim after eating.

Okey dokey.
by Useyourwords September 16, 2014
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Okey Dokey is a variation of the word OK. It is often used in light hearted situations.
Straight guy : Hey man, can you get my car for me?

Gay guy : Okey Dokey!

Straight guy : He'll never change...
by Saturashi June 29, 2011
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Okey Dokey "Go fuck yourself."
Boss, "Hey Robert, will you please do me a favor and not make to much noise."

Robert, "Okey Dokey boss."
by Witten August 06, 2010
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Okey Dokey, a term used by nerds to acknowledge things and make things such as typing numbers exciting.
40 Year Old Nerds...
Nathan: Hey David guess what...
David: What???
Nathan: I GOT LAID!!!!
David: Okey dokey...well any ways did you hear about the new MAC COMING OUT???
by Artillery 129 June 13, 2005
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