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This is what the cooler crackheads call Chore Boy, a material used as a screen in crack pipes. Some simply call it Chore Boy. Those that are "cooler" call it Choy
Get me a rose and some Choy so i can smoke this cream colored rock.
by IEatBadgers August 18, 2003
Gross, disgusting, UGLY, BOYYYYYYT!
That girl is so boyt!
Lion's poop's boyt.
This coffee is boyt!
by IEatBadgers May 8, 2006
An exercise done by men to strengthen the penis, performed by squeezing the muscele in your grundle.
Man dude, i just did like five hundred keagles, I'm really fatugued.
by IEatBadgers May 8, 2006
1.) To leap on top of a human being in the sitting position and rub one's testicles slowly across the scalp while simultaneously and repeatedly screaming "SLOOOOOOOWEEEEEE" in an extremely high pitched voice.

2.) The opposite of a quickie
DAMMIT!!! One time at camp that kid jumped on top of me and gave me a slowie!!
by IEatBadgers June 12, 2003
At the burning tip of a blunt, when it starts to burn down farther on one side than on the rest of the blunt, it is canoeing. This can be fixed by wetting a fingertip with saliva and dampening the burned down end. This is not only with blunts either. This can easily happen with joints and it happens with cigarettes sometimes too.
Dammit Elliot! Fix the canoe and then pass that blunt to Hernando.
by IEatBadgers August 22, 2003
A slang term for the amphetamine pill marketed as Adderall.
Yo man can you hook me up with some of those Addies?
by IEatBadgers August 26, 2003